Free accommodation for garden work

Date Posted: 
September 25, 2023

Job Description

As a 5 acre hobby farm with ornamental gardens we have a never-ending list of relatively basic, but nonetheless important tasks which must be done all year round. There is a horse, sheep, chickens, ducks and Guinea Fowl on the property. 

We are constantly in need of helpers - meaning, a couple or suitable single, happy to work a few hours a day whilst also taking a break from travelling and catching their breath for a few days. 

Most of the work involves gardening, including raking, digging, mulching, weeding, planting and pruning. There is some housekeeping, cleaning the main home and there are a few groundskeeping tasks like collecting firewood, clearing gutters etc. 

In exchange, our helpers can camp rent-free or choose to stay in a guest room in the main house.

Campers have access to a toilet and shower block. 

As we only ask for 2-3 hours of work per day, our helpers have plenty of time to relax, study, seek casual work in the local area (in hospitality, fruit-picking etc.)… and enjoy the property as we do.

***Please note, it is preferable you have your own vehicle, as there is limited public transport.

Trentham East
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